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Project Netboard tools & software

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Our objective: To propel your projects to the top with the reference software for the management of collaborative projects in Europe

Project Netboard is an online project management platform specifically dedicated to the set-up, management and dissemination of European and national collaborative projects. Whether a project is funded by Horizon 2020, an ADEME call for expressions of interest, Bpifrance, PSPC (competitiveness projects) or another programme, Project Netboard holds all the relevant participation, reporting and budgeting rules.

Our objective:

Project Netboard provides attention to detail


Its modularity allows it to adapt to your level of requirements.

Project Netboard is not a replacement for the Horizon 2020 Participant Portal. Instead, it is a helpful supplement to that portal, as concerns every aspect of project management, knowledge sharing and dissemination. Project Netboard’s users can also store and share documents and files with one another.


Project Netboard has been evolving since 1999
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Project Netboard has been evolving since 1999 and now offers its users an intuitive interface which simplifies the management of collaborative projects.

Project Netboard makes it possible to:

  • Provide a simple structure for your project’s management, incorporating the funding rules specific to the different European and national funding programmes
  • Manage progress on the project’s activities and its results in real time, enabling the production of reports in the format requested by the funding agency
  • Share and centralize all of a project’s documents in an unlimited storage space, and produce periodic financial and progress reports
  • Disseminate and communicate information about the project, its consortium, its results and its milestones thanks to an integrated, personalizable public website

Project Netboard today means:

  • 350 projects supported
  • In 50 countries
  • For 1,500 partners
  • And 7,000 users
  • Largest consortium: 65
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